Affiliate Advertisement Service

SharePayMal is an online affiliate advertisement service in Myanmar. Choose your choice of advertisements from various advertisers and share them on your social networks and websites. You can win rewards and be paid.

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Who is publisher?

Publisher is the one who shares the advertisement of the advertisers that are posted in SharePayMal to his/her social networks, websites, emails or SMS. You can get earnings from your shares.

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Want to be a publisher?

It is very easy and quick. Click the menu "Publisher Login/Register" and you just need to login using your Facebook account.

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What is advertisement?

An advertisement could be a link with a simple description or a banner image that is linked to advertiser's site.

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AB Programming Training Center

PHP Expert Package of AB Programming Training Center offers to learn web development from head to toe and to get a chance of job guarantee system.
This package is recommended to those who graduated from University of Computer Studies, Information Technology and who have achieved similar degrees or diplomas.

50,000 Ks Reward

You can get 50,000 Ks per registration or sale when you share this ads.

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